"Perceive that which cannot be seen by the eye." - Miyamoto Mushashi
Evaporate fear and anxiety
Develop laser-sharp focus and clarity
Increase your energy and vitality
Become stronger with less effort
Multiply your Training and Workout Results
Be at peace in any situation
Preparing the Mind for Battle
Intuit the right choices
Read the intentions of others
De-code life problems and pull solutions from the “unseen” realms into the physical realm


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From Sun Tzu and Miyamoto Musashi to Bruce Lee and top MMA coaches, all have emphasized the importance of a strong mind, spirit & inner resolve.

Meditation is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use tools for accessing your inner warrior and strengthening your mind, body and spirit.

And unknown to all but an elite few, it is also an elite tactical skill for mastering your self, others, and your enviorment.

Almost every Great Warrior Society in history – from the ancient warrior-mystics, Ninja, and Samurai, to modern-day warriors – have used meditation to get powerful results in the battlefield.

Yet in modern times it has been highly misunderstood and “systemized” the same way many martial arts have been, causing many practitioners to end up (as Bruce Lee put it) “dry land swimming” and in “organized despair”.

Peak performance coach Scott Bolan has brought back the most authentic and powerful meditation for warriors that is easy to understand and use for powerful results.

Warrior Meditation is your own Personal Achievement Sanctuary. Scott Bolan’s definition of a Warrior is “one who fights for their own self-mastery”. He further defines “fight” as “harnessing and directing energy,” so “A Warrior Is One Who Harnesses and Directs Energy For Their Own Self-Mastery.” Just by understanding this powerful concept you can move at a higher level than those with twice your skill and speed!

Do not neglect this important part of your training.

Without it, your training is not complete and will not achieve it’s full potential.

With Warrior Meditation you’ll discover how to Turn Fear into Power and Weakness into Strength while having a lasting peace-of-mind.

The Warrior Meditation Home Study Course gives you instant digital access for download and streaming on your favorite device, including 2 DVDs, 4 CDs, and 2 Manuals. The program is super easy to learn, absorb and apply. In it, you will discover what Meditation really is (forget that watered-down new-agey fluff stuff), what it is not (this is a mind-blowing!), and how to use it to empower yourself and live a life of self-mastery and enlightenment.

You also get 4 precisely guided meditations with world-renowned Peak Performance Mastery Coach Scott Bolan:

Your First Estate

The Body Scan

The Pre-Battle Meditation of Assured Victory

The Shadow Warrior Halls of Power

This information is simply a “must-have” for your personal empowerment and is the other side of your knowledge arsenal and training that has been missing. As soon as you order, you’ll be able to instantly access this great material to keep forever and tap into your inner power whenever you need to.

You’ll also get 2 Free Bonuses worth 100.00,  so order right now!


Scott Bolan’s Warrior Meditation
Home Study Course instant digital access for streaming or download to your favorite device. 2 DVDs, 4 CDs, and 2 Manual (plus $100 in Free Bonus material!)

  $97  Only $57